Dubai Car Hire Range Rover

In accordance with the design expression, the Range Rover pursues a development path that is planned with tradition instead of fashion in mind. Despite its beast-like dominance in off-road conditions (or, depending on where you live, pot-holed highways), the Range Rover’s design ethos focuses on it being a luxury car first; every other design detail that highlights its SUV character or off-road prowess comes second. This is what distinguishes the Range Rover in the SUV market. Call us for Dubai car hire range rover!  

The Range Rover Sport was a good compromise for folks who wanted the Range Rover experiences but couldn’t handle the sheer mass of the original Rover: it preserved much of the design characteristics of the classic Rover, but in a little smaller shape. Originally intended to contend with the Porsche, the Range Rover Sports would have to transfer everything that had made its bigger brother so effective in its weight category and scale it down. Contact us for range rover rental Dubai price!